Bike Ride

Early morning bike ride for the win!

Last week I pulled my bike out of winter storage and got ready for a summer of riding. Tires aired up, brakes checked, odometer reset, new gel bike shorts at the ready…I’m on my way!

Well…sort of. My first ride of the season taught me one very valuable lesson. I am OUT! of! shape!! Like, major. You see, I can go ride the bike at the gym for 15 miles in an hour no problem. But hauling my own tush around town? Much harder! Isn’t it weird how two seemingly comparable activities are really so different?

This week I took a couple of really nice rides from my apartment downtown to a park across town, around the small lake there and back—about 10.5 miles roundtrip in about an hour. It is a great ride with a couple of little hills…easy for a fit rider but a little bit of a (welcome) challenge for me. At least for now…but now I know what I need to do to kick start my fitness for the summer…I’ll be riding my bike everywhere I can!