OY. It has been a long time since I have written here.

First: YES. I am still alive.

Second: THANK YOU for your comments and emails and homing pigeons, checking in on me and telling me that you miss this little blog. I appreciate that more than you know.

And Third: It’s moving day!

Moving where…? To my new blog, of course! (You didn’t honestly think I was leaving California, did you?)

Now, I know what you’re thinking…
”Really, Melissa? REALLY? What is wrong with this blog? You’ve worked so hard/this is a perfectly fine blog/life is always going to be a journey/I DON’T WANT TO UPDATE MY GOOGLE READER WITH YOUR NEW BLOG ADDRESS…”

I’m sorry guys. I promise, it will be awesome.

Truth of the matter is, this blog will always be my first love but like 99.9% of first loves, I’ve grown out of it. I started to feel stuck in the confines of writing about weight loss, healthy eating and how much I was (not) working out. I felt like I had to keep apologizing every week I didn’t lose a few pounds, even when there were so many other awesome things in life to tell you about. I found that I was sort of done talking about the journey to lose weight…and I was ready, after a couple of years and around 75-ish pounds lost, give or take…I am ready to just write about the awesome life that I am living right now.

And THAT, in my opinion, deserves a brand new shiny blog.

DRUMROLL PLEASE….and update your Google Readers to….


So this, my friends, will be the last update on Journey To Marvelous. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading. It has been a great run!

I hope that you will appreciate that I kept a little part of my old blog identity mixed in with my new blog name. A little tribute to where I started, perhaps, with eyes on the future.

NOW: Please follow me to my new blog home…there is lots I can’t wait to share with you guys!



Tonsils As Big As the World

I am going to admit to this right up front: I am not a good sick person. I can handle a cold alright. I’m not happy about it, and I might get kind of whiny, but I’ll handle it. The flu? A whole other story. I literally get emotionally upset when I have the flu. I hate it that much. And tonsillitis? Well, let me tell you—right up there towards the top of things that make me totally miserable. I have been a very cranky girl all week long. Tired, and in pain, and CRAN-KY.

Err…what I meant to say was, “What’s not to love about tonsillitis? The sensation that you’re choking on your own throat? You can’t swallow and it hurts to talk, and it radiates to your ear and makes you feel like you have an ear infection too. It’s awesome.”


So I went to the doctor on Monday, hoping that it was strep throat so that they would give me some antibiotics and we could be done with it. No dice…my strep test was negative and I was sent home to wait it out. All week long, it’s been getting worse and not better.

Can’t quite picture what I’m getting at here? Well, let me give you a visual—and because I have already posted some unflattering pictures of my face this week, and no one needs me to point my camera down my throat a click a few photos for display on the internet…I decided to break out the art supplies and do a little illustrating for you guys! Get ready to be wowed.

What? Every girl should have a pack of Crayola markers. Obviously.

Okay. Here is an illustration of healthy, pink tonsils. That little dangly thing in the back of your throat? That’s called the uvula, in case you weren’t aware. And that’s a nice pink tongue sticking out at you, because I know you’re laughing at my drawing.

But I don’t care.

Now, here is a drawing of *my* tonsils. One tonsil, still nice and pink and normal. The other one? Not so much.

I actually don’t think that I drew it big enough. I do think that I got the angry factor across, however.

So now what? Well, I called the doctor again last night and told them that my illness is getting worse and not better. I was casually asking how much Advil I could really take safely in one day, and the doctor finally agreed to call in a little prescription help! Woohoo! One hour and one drive to the pharmacy later, and I am the proud owner of a bottle of antibiotics that will hopefully clear this mess up.

And none too soon…because given the pain situation and also the trouble swallowing, I had a chocolate milkshake for lunch yesterday. And THAT cannot keep happening. Please send your “feel better” vibes my way guys! It’s always mucho appreciated.

Happy Thursday!