She’s Back!

Holy break from blogging! It’s been over five weeks since I last blogged…in one sense, it feels like just a couple of days has gone by. At the same time, it feels like a hundred years ago since I last sat down and wrote something.

I think I just needed a break to work on some other projects, catch up on real-life things, and…okay. Real talk, here: I’ve had a super negative attitude lately, and I’ve just not been inspired to write AT ALL.

What have I been so negative about? I think I’ve just been burnt out in general! Too busy, a to-do list that only gets longer, time and energy totally zapped by work and no time leftover to work on things that I want to. Feeling overwhelmed and being underprepared leads me straight back into old habits…old BAD habits like eating junk and skipping workouts.

Every time I eat junk or skip a workout, I beat myself up about it.

Every time I beat myself up, I lick my wounds and then get some fro-yo to make myself feel better.

Sense the vicious cycle that’s been happening over here for the last five weeks? And then I can’t help but think, “If I’d only just stayed on track from the beginning, I could have been at my goal weight a year ago, instead of still fumbling around with 40ish pounds still to lose, two years later.” Ouch, right?

I already know that my negative attitude has reflected in my weigh ins, which I’ve been doing periodically over the last few weeks—just not blogging about them, of course. Even worse, every week that I’ve been seeing a slightly higher number on the scale has not jolted me back into action…it’s jolted me into a more negative attitude that just perpetuates my backslide. Finally, I had a “Come to Jesus” talk with myself, and came up with only one answer: Cut the crap, stop making excuses and just DO IT. And start blogging again. Obviously.

I’ve missed you guys and I hope that you’ll forgive my absence and come back and read along. Thank you those of you who sent messages letting me know what I’m missed and wondering if everything is okay—I appreciate them and YOU! I’ll be back tomorrow morning with a “get back on track” weigh in. (Womp womp womp.)

See you tomorrow!