Life List

I originally had my “Bucket List” lumped in on my Weight Goals/Progress page, but I recently decided that it deserved it’s own page!

I also decided to change the name from “Bucket List” to “Life List”…I’ve seen that term used on some other blogs and I like it better. Since I’m not planning on dying anytime soon (knock on wood), it seems like it would be more appropriate to compile a list of all of the things that I want to see and do in my life, rather than being all morbid and saying, “before I kick the bucket”. Semantics, people.


Go whale watching in Monterey Bay

Visit Ireland and Scotland–the homeland!

Ride a horse on the beach and belly-deep in the ocean

See an active volcano (in person)

Kiss someone I love in Paris

Ride in a hot-air balloon

Go on safari in Tanzania

Climb on Kilimanjaro (not necessarily to the top…yet)

Ride a camel in Egypt

Visit a spice market in Istanbul

Buy my mom and dad something that they wouldn’t buy themselves

Fall in love (hopefully just one more time)

Get married

Have a baby

Adopt a child

Learn to play Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”  on piano. The hard version. All the way through.

Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty

Lay a hand on the stones of Stonehenge

Buy a house

Zip-line through the canopy of a rainforest

Go on a boat tour of Niagra Falls

Throw myself a real birthday party

Drive a race car

Do a triathlon

Give a wedding toast

Model for a photoshoot